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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of presenting a new talk at the London Microservices User Group, which was entitled “The Business Behind Microservices: Organisational, Architectural and Operational Challenges”.

The key theme of the talk was exploring the often under-appreciated organisational and people impact that introducing (or moving to) a microservice architecture will have on a business. As mentioned in the talk, I’ve lead the implementation of microservices architectures in several organisation as part of my work with OpenCredo and Container Solutions, and so I was keen to share my lessons from the trenches.

You can find a recording of the talk over on the Skillsmatter website, who were our generous hosts for the evening 

Daniel Bryant - Business Behind Microservices video recording


You can also find the slides on slideshare:


The original talk abstract was as follows:

The technology changes required when implementing a microservice-based application are only one part of the equation. The business and organisation will also most likely have to fundamentally change. In an ideal world, this shouldn’t be a problem – what with the rise of agile, lean and DevOps – but this is not always the situation I encounter in my consulting travels. I would like to share some stories of successful (and not so successful) strategies and tactics I have used over the past four years when introducing service-oriented architecture into organisations.

Join me for a whistle-stop tour of the business and people challenges that I have experienced first hand when implementing a greenfield microservice project, and also breaking down a monolith. We’ll look at ‘divided companies’ vs ‘connected companies’, determine the actual impact of conway’s law, briefly touch on the lean startup/enterprise mindset, dive into change management without the management double-speak, and look at the lightweight processes needed to ensure the technical success of a microservices implementation.

As usual, please do let me know if you have any questions!

I haven’t posted anything for quite some time now, and the main reasons for this are twofold – first, I was travelling in the USA for all of September (visiting the awesome SpringOne 2GX and JavaOne conferences in San Francisco – more on this in another blog post!), and also because I’ve taken on a new role within my work life. As this post’s title suggests, I am no longer a contractor, and instead I have signed up for a great permanent role as CTO at Instant Access Technologies (IAT) Ltd in London. Many of you may remember that this is the company I have been consulting to over the past year.

For those of you that know me this might come as a somewhat of a shock, as I’ve been contracting for over 8 years. However, this latest move was a opportunity too good to dismiss. IAT have been doing some great work since I joined them as a contractor in August 2012, and have created several interesting and synergistic brands (more details below). They’ve also been open to using some of the latest and greatest technologies, many of which I’ve recommended, and several others which have been contributed by an amazing (and rapidly growing!) technical team based here in the UK and also in Poland.

When the CEO of IAT Ltd, Matt Norbury, approached me recently with the offer of becoming CTO, I quickly realised what a great opportunity I would have to build on excellent foundations and further steer the technical direction of this rapidly growing company. I plan to continue posting on this blog, and in collaboration with several colleagues I’m also aiming to set up an IAT technical blog, but stay tuned to this space for more details.

I encourage everyone to explore the brands that IAT offer, and please feel to get in touch with me or the company if you would like to take advantage of the services we offer, or find out more about forming a mutually beneficial partnership. I also encourage everyone to sign up for our flagship customer loyalty at, as it makes clear sense to get rewarded for the shopping that you do as part of everyday life (especially with the festive season approaching!) 🙂

  • – this is IAT’s flagship customer loyalty scheme, which rewards members with ‘epoints’ simply for doing their everyday shopping or by contributing to various online communities, for example ‘liking’ posts or commenting on articles. Your epoints can then be redeemed for unique and amazing items and experiences. Check out the site for more details – you can even save up for your own island!
  • – this is a ‘one-stop’ price comparison site, which allows you to get the best deals on items ranging from CDs to shoes, from books to BBQs and more. Of course, many of your purchases made through this site allow you to also earn epoints!
  • – this site will soon offer an amazing mobile app which will help you find the best local deals, on which you can also earn epoints (are you noticing a theme here? 🙂 ). If you are a retailer then the BigDL platform will enable you to create and target deals at specific demographics, and receive near real-time feedback on the effectiveness. Stay tuned for more information, as this application will be launching shortly! landing page

Thanks to everyone who has already offered me advice on this new career move, and I look forward to sharing the experiences and highlights with you over the coming years.