I’ll be speaking at Devoxx UK, June 12-13th!

Just a brief post to mention that I will be speaking twice at Devoxx UK this year (as well as helping out within the Program Committee!), and so I would love to see as many of you as possible at the conference. Devoxx is one of the truly great developer conferences, mainly because it’s run by developers, for developers, and the entry price is a bargain too. Have a look at www.devoxx.co.uk (and the @DevoxxUK twitter feed) for more detail, and snag your ticket today!

My first talk is entitled “Moving to DevOps mode: Easy, hard or just plain terrifying”, and this will be a joint presentation with Steve Poole from IBM. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this talk will focus on the experiences of Steve and myself as we have helped transition organisations into a ‘DevOps’ mode and culture. Steve will be drawing on his plentiful experience from working within large Operations/sysadmin teams at IBM, and I will be talking about lessons learned from applying the DevOps philosophy in a small startup. You can find out more details on the Devoxx UK website here

The Second talk is entitled “Adopt OpenJDK: Looking behind the curtain of everyone’s favourite development platform” and this will be a BOF run by Martijn Verburg, Richard Warburton, Mani Sarkar and myself. In this session we will talk about all things OpenJDK-related, such as how to get started with hacking on the open source Reference Implementation of the Java JDK, how to make changes to the codebase, and how to contribute back to the community in the most effective way. If you aren interested in getting involved with the OpenJDK, then this is one session that you don’t want to miss! You can find more details of this session on the Devoxx UK website here.

Please do get your tickets for Devoxx UK now, as they are being snapped up quickly! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of people at Devoxx, both old and new friends alike! 🙂


I'm speaking at Devoxx UK!

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