[Book Review] Extreme Programming Pocket Guide

Extreme Programming Pocket Guide – by Chromatic


TLDR: If you’re looking for a concise guide to the philosophy and practices within the Extreme Programming (XP) movement then this is the book for you. Yes, the book was published nearly 10 years ago (which is practically a lifetime in the world of computing), but fundamental methodologies such as those documented within this book really don’t go out of date.

Even though I have worked within the software development industry for a decade I have never actually read a focused overview of what Extreme Programming is. Sure, I’ve read lots of blogs and chatted at great length to my peers about the subject, but after several heated discussions at a local Java User Group I realised it was about time I read up on the subject properly.

My goal was to learn in as short a time as possible about how the processes we all associate with the XP movement fit together, and I believe this book met that objective perfectly. There are plenty of bite-sized and quotable words of wisdom on topics such as the core XP Values, Coding Practices (TDD, pairing etc), XP events, development artifacts and XP Roles. I personally found it very helpful in clarifying my thoughts on the XP process as a whole – many of the XP practices are now common place within our industry, but often they are used in isolation or not as originally intended, and this book is a great reminder/primer on how the XP movement is not just a series of good practices, but a general philosophy for producing well-crafted software applications.

In summary, this is a very useful book for exploring XP practices and also understanding the philosophy behind the movement.

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